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Below you will find links to tax organizers to help you collect and report the information that we need to prepare your return. This packet not only helps us prepare your tax return effectively and efficiently, it also helps us make sure we don’t miss tax benefits for you, your family, and your business. As always, if you have and questions regarding the organizer and its contents, feel free to call us personally.

As soon as all of your tax information is gathered, you can send it to our office at your convenience. However, if you want to meet and discuss your tax return information, please call to schedule an appointment.

Individual Tax Organizer

Corporate & Partnership Tax Organizer

Individual Engagement Letter

Corporate Engagement Letter

Useful Links

Tax Organizers and Engagement Letters

Where's My Federal Refund?

Where's My Georgia Refund?

Please take note that useful links may connect to external government sites. Jeffrey Brown CPA cannot be held responsible for any liability or penalties relating to the release of personal information on these sites.

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